WhatsApp 2.20.140 Apk Android + Windows + PC Full Version Free Download

WhatsApp 2.20.140 Apk is a worldwide phenomenon, as demonstrated above. Having a total population of millions, and full internet penetration standing in percent, it’s clear that it is a force to be reckoned with the most populous and wealthy state. We Are Social peg market penetration. It ranks second after Facebook Messenger and tops the list to get monthly users. But this has caused issues with the spread of dubious and malicious information, namely the dissemination of false news in support. It can be the most widely used program. The program has reportedly driven internet uptake in the continent accounting for as much of per cent of data usage.

WhatsApp 2.20.140 Apk Android + Windows + PC Full Version Free Download

WhatsApp incorporated multimedia messaging in precisely the year, and has been released on Android the next. From there, it marched to ubiquitous status, ranking in the upper three most-downloaded apps on both the operating system and Android. That figure is striking enough, but by the end and it was around billions of active monthly users. According to its statistics released on the market, penetration is relatively and standing in approximately a quarter and a third if we’re taking a look at its users by country concerning market penetration. According to self-reported user statistics and setting it only a little. This makes it that the fourth-biggest total user base of any social network in the nation.

Main tips about WhatsApp 2.20.140 Apk :

Send your location to contact.

  • What’s an app allows one to send videos and photos to contacts.
  • As well as share contact or file but you can also send where you are.
  • That is very handy if you are meeting with a friend somewhere.
  • Mainly if you go for Chat Live Location, which allows your contact
  • Your Live Location for your duration so you can be tracked by them, that you choose.
  • Duration times are put at one hour, fifteen minutes for approximately eight hours.

Hunt all of your chats

  • Somebody may have sent you their speech, or maybe you remember talking about a particular.
  • You never want to scroll to try and discover what you are looking for.
  • On top of on operating system your chats there is a search bar.
  • On Android, there’s an internet hunt icon.
  • You could type anything by the start of a town name in the event.
  • That you’re searching for an address to your sentence that is specific
  • In the search bar, along with all of the chats using that word will appear below as messages.
  • Clicking to a respective result will take you to that area of the conversation you had.

Search a Particular chat

  • It is possible if you would like to locate a conversation that is particular to all of your chats.
  • Maybe you had a conversation about a meeting place.
  • Or else they shipped you their speech such as or their other contact number.


  • You may then decide just how long you would prefer to share your real-time location.
  • For this particular specific person, you’ve got the option of Minutes or Hours.
  • It is essential to know that you might be allowing your moves to be tracked by somebody else.
  • Make use of this feature along with people that you hope and know.
  • Parents should talk to the youngster around location sharing and notify them.
  • It also has added the ability to delete messages you will have delivered in error.
  • This might be useful if you sent a message to the wrong contact.
  • The upgrade to the messaging service will consider adding a function while at a group.
  • Users can now hold a message from a group chat down to select and add a response to it.
  • It means members of a group can follow conversations more readily.
  • And respond to questions in a group chat or write opinions on the material in the category.

WhatsApp 2.20.140 Apk ancient user increase vs other apps

  • The below graphic dates, together with whats app user amounts
  • We could see clearly that it is one of the planet’s top programs.
  • Since the variant with this report, it’s pulled ahead of Messenger.
  • They are making it the app on the planet outside of YouTube and their untouchable Facebook.

WhatsApp 2.20.140 Apk userbase:


  • If we take a look at the apps in terms of monthly active users
  • On the other hand, we note it is in second place, supporting just Facebook.

WhatsApp 2.20.140 Apk user standing:


  • It ranks third in terms of downloads, together with using face-book.
  • And Facebook Messenger in the guide, despite the lesser number of total users.

WhatsApp 2.20.140 Apk demographics

  • The same is applicable across income and social grades.
  • Though we view a greater preponderance of its usage or in white skilled professions
  • Usage remains relatively full of lower pay grades and among unskilled workers.
  • The same applies to urban or rural people.
  • Usage is higher among women than men.

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