Viber Messenger APK Download for Android

Viber Messenger APK Download for Android is most communication that is popular for mobile devices, along with its all-new desktop software, you’ll now keep in touch with your connections from your PC.

Viber Messenger APK Download for AndroidViber Messenger  APK Download for Android

Viber Messenger APK Download for Android

Viber Messenger APK is a favorite voice-over that is free messaging service and Skype alternative; you can use on your smartphone or PC. The Viber PC client takes the capability of the mobile app and brings it to your PC you don’t have your mobile phone which means you can stay connected even when. It additionally makes it easier to get to work and multitask while communicating with your contact. Viber competes Whatsapp for the title of the most cross that is favorite unit messaging solution globally. A difference that is key Viber/Whatsapp and Skype are it is possible to communicate with your mobile phone connections which can be additionally utilizing the service – not only your Skype connections.
Viber Messenger for Android Notifications and contacts being automated, So it supports message notifications that pop up from the device tray if you plan to continue with your regular activity on the PC but want to watch on Viber, you will be pleased to know. So far as the configuration can be involved, the tool can be set by one to display alerts just for telephone calls, or for both communications and telephone calls. Regarding the contacts, you don’t have to import such a thing into Viber. Instead of manually searching them up, you can let the program manage this tedious task by granting it access to your device’s address guide, thanks to the fact that it’s capable automatically identify and put the contacts to use that is good.
Viber Messenger APK Download regarding performance, Viber ran smoothly during our evaluation, without triggering the running system to hang, crash or pop up error communications. The product quality that is sound calls ended up being excellent, and the connections stayed stable throughout our tests. Many thanks to its options that are highly intuitive Viber proves to be one of the most helpful and convenient applications as it pertains to emailing friends and sending free SMS messages over the online.
The Bottom Line
Viber is a versatile, innovative and way that is convenient stay in touch with friends around the united states and throughout the world. Viber is easy to set on your Computer, Mac or other devices. Calls are easy to swap between devices, making things also easy. Ranging from simple text sending photos to creating a voice that is high-quality video calls, Viber covers the gamut of great choices.That’, all Viber users communicate with other entirely for free!Viber 2018 activator + Crack Free Download

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  • Best-quality HD voice calls.
  • Video calls.
  • Complimentary text and messages that are a photo.
  • Group conversations.
  • No enrollment, passwords or invites require.
  • Connections and SMS sync between your mobile and Window.
  • Transfer calls that are ongoing devices.

Viber for Android

  • Free call with HD quality that sound.
  • Groups with up to 40 participants
  • Forward stickers and emoticons, making messaging fun!
  • Share places
  • Respond immediately to communications using reply that is quick
  • Push notifications guarantee that you never miss a message or call, even whenever Viber is off
  • OS integration – share photos and videos right from your device’s gallery
  • Designed with the Native Android UI in mind.

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  • Free calls via VoIP to friends.
  • Great call quality.
    Aids video calls.
  • Notification in the system tray
  • Contacts and messages sync between devices.


  • Few advanced features.
  • App required for PC client to the office.


  • Online connection.
  • Viber must previously installed on the phone that is mobile.
  • CPU: Dual-core processor.
  • Memory: 1GB RAM
  • Microphone and speakers for voice calls and cam for video clip calls.
  • AD2P Bluetooth that is compatible receiver Bluetooth devices.

What’s new in:

  • File sending – Send any file kind directly to the app.
  • Public Accounts – Chat with brands and businesses on Public Accounts! Follow them for news and updates – contribute to getting communications being direct.
  • Redesigned emoticons – Our emoticons have a fresh, fresh look!
  • Manage devices that are secondary Now on mobile devices, manage Viber everywhere you have it installed
  • Location messages – Let your friends know exactly where you are with location communications.

Just how to Viber that is download at no cost
We all are aware that there’s a significant amount of demand for this messaging app but it can only installed over mobile operating systems, and there’s no release that is official of for download into a PC. But for those that need to utilize the same on the computers, we bring in a simple tutorial with the easy to understand the procedure, using which the user can download the same to your PC (Direct Download website link).
Let us have considered the step by step procedure regarding the same.
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Viber Messenger APK Download for Android is here

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