Google Play Store 16.8.19 Android + Windows + PC Full Version Free Download

Google Play store 16.8.19 apkĀ permits a maximum of characters from the app’s title. Create a name that’s brief, clear, and memorable to maximize the program’s click-through rate. For your app’s description, you can enter characters. This is where you can include keywords, including long-tail keywords. Simply make use of the most relevant app store keywords and avoid inserting key phrases that have nothing or little to do with your app, or you might end up penalized. You should also avoid keyword stuffing by using keywords, too, in your app met a data. The most essential and essential portion of program store optimization would be to carry out a detailed program store keyword research. You need to locate the right topics or keywords that describe your app and fit exactly what your target audience has already been looking for.

Google Play Store 16.8.19 apk Android + Windows + PC Full Version Free Download

Finding the perfect keywords is a significant endeavor. The ideal keywords can be a real gold mine and create a difference for the program as it’ll bring you complimentary installs. In contrast, the wrong keywords could continue to keep your application completely buried along millions of other apps that no one uses or infringe on Content Policies. Keyword Tool utilizes the App Store autocomplete to generate keywords based on the search term that you specify. It’s prepended and appends your keyword with unique numbers and letters, and from doing that, it produces hundreds of program store keywords that can be pulled out search suggest function. Keyword Tool also allows you to specify the App Store country and terminology you want to use to create keywords. This tool for Android mobile apps can be beneficial to make your program more discoverable.


  • Don’t include any critical visual or textual information near the borders.
  • And at the base of the picture.
  • Center the information or text or logo horizontally and vertically.
  • Use large font sizes for texts.
  • Mind your feature picture can be used alone without an app icon.
  • Therefore follow your style and make it more comfortable.
  • Test your graphic to see which one has better conversion speed to install.
  • Use Google Play experiments to this particular.
  • Require a chance to the subject for a season, important statement, exams holiday, for instance.
  • Recall to localizes your feature graphic along with name and description, in case it includes text.
  • Check out this article for more best methods and examples of feature images.
  • Add a link to your privacy should you wish to get into sensitive data.
  • The privacy policy must indicate the use of data accumulated from users.
  • Will create a character of the program in the users’ minds.
  • It will help them determine if they would like to download the app or not, so be careful!

Prepare Shop List

  • In this step, you are required to complete information about your program to upload your app.
  • You can either finish the information in one go or save a draft and return later to perform it.
  • I would suggest that you talk to your promotion and branding team with this particular step.
  • To create just the perfect program profile, your company needs.
  • Insert an app title, a short description, and a full description.
  • Add program screenshots, images, icons, videos, as well as other content.
  • Add translation of one’s program in different languages.
  • You can either insert your personal interpreted variant or purchase translations.
  • Divides your program to a relevant type and category.
  • Add your contact details so that users may contact you.
  • It’s mandatory to include an email address.
  • However, you may also put in your phone number and website.

Pick Distribution Model and a Pricing

  • We’re moving towards the past couple of steps of uploading an app on the Play Store.
  • It is possible to select your app to be searchable or free.
  • It lets you switch from a paid program to a one later, however.
  • Perhaps maybe not by the free program to a one.
  • Thus, be careful when choosing your pricing model.
  • Pick the states you need your program to be distributed in, once done.
  • You may choose all of the countries or indicate states that are certain for the app distribution.
  • You can also pick specific Android programs and devices to receive your app.

Publish Your App

  • Return and ensure that you have completed all the steps.
  • Before you finally hit on Publish Your App.
  • You will be advised of any warnings information that may be described as a hindrance.
  • Review, review, and review before you go ahead
  • The app is going to be published in most of the states you selected.
  • The journey doesn’t stop at publishing.
  • You’ll find mobile marketing and advertising strategy to pop up for users.
  • Bear in mind that running an app is not a one-time endeavor.
  • It needs continuous efforts to make it a success.
  • Or the program will be overshadowed by rivalry.

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