WinZip 2018 Reviews Free Download

WinZip 2018 Reviews Free Download delivers recognized compression and encryption, essential backup tools and new productivity-boosting features. Now you can access files more effortlessly with the addition of multiple records through the cloud that is IM that is same solution WinZip. Sharing may also be easier along with your connections into the target that is combined is new Book. File handling is more flexible than ever, giving you more control over the method that you zip, encrypt and share specific and categories of files. And enhanced MP3 compression reduces files by 15 – 20%. Browse and edit files on your PC, community, and clouds, plus resize images, create PDFs, add watermarks, scan and share documents and numerous other things along with the energy of WinZip.

WinZip 2018 Reviews Free Download

WinZip 2018 Reviews Free Download

WinZip 2018 Reviews Free Download

WinZip 2018 Reviews Free Download is the file compression device that is most readily used whenever working with the ZIP format. Developed by WinZip Computing Inc., the tool lets you handle your ZIP files from a certain area that is single. The compression tool features a file that is the centralized system that lets you access files present on any nearby, cloud or community location.WinZip could be the most way that is trusted work with compressed files. No other compression utility is as easy-to-use or offers the comprehensive and approach that is productivity-enhancing has made WinZip the gold standard for file-compression tools.


Salient top features of WinZip:

  •  File Manager – WinZip features a File that is Manager that lets that are robust easily look all things considered your files. It offers a true number that is correct of such in terms of example selection, removal, content, share, etc.
  • Background Tools – WinZip comes with an accumulation of junk management tools called Background tools that keeps you conscious of old files, unused files, and Recycle Bin files. It is simple to remove all of these files with a click that is single.
  • Inbuilt PDF Converter – WinZip lets you convert files to PDFs and store them in a zip file. You can quickly share these PDF files sharing that is using is popular.
  • Unzip and Try – Preview a zip file before extracting. WinZip’s unzip that tries that allows that are unique to review the content of a zip file before actual unzipping.
  • WinZip Email – WinZip’s inbuilt e-mail feature enables you to definitely link the file compression tool to your e-mail reports for effortless sharing.
  • ZipShare access – ZipShare is certainly one of this sharing that is leading which causes it to be really easy to share zip that is huge.



Apart from ZIP files, WinZip additionally gives you to decompress other archives which is frequently popular including 7Z and RAR. It additionally lets you create PDFs that are read-only documents which can be providing all the files being compressed. It’s possible to additionally add watermark to the PDFs for avoiding a problem that is content.The compression unit lets you back-up all your archives to cloud having its Job Wizard Super Picker utility. You will store the created back-up on your own device. WinZip also offers you to automate the process that is the back-up and send you the notification via mail and SMS when the job is completed.WinZip is one of the systems that are operational being best for file transformation too. It’s possible to select settings and make use of them to any or all the files or a file that is single an archive. You add a watermark with data/time stamp to all or any your PDFs, photos, documents, because well as other files for improved safety.

The Bottom Line:
WinZip your bet that is most readily useful for dealing with all kinds of ZIP operations. Download WinZip now and manage all ZIP files.


  • WinZip supports almost all sharing that is popular, including media that are social stations, Office 365 Groups, Instant Messengers, Google Talk, and Jabber.
  • Device-optimized UI – WinZip features a UI that extremely adjusts that are adaptable according to your unit, computer or notebook, you are employing. It provides an interface that is products that are touch-friendly are touchscreen.
  • Unzips 7Z, RAR, XZ, and other archives that are popular.
  • file that is the system that works well you produce zip files at any cloud, real or network location.
  • Secure your compressed files with multiple encryption alternatives


  •  Cannot create 7Z, RAR, XZ, etc. archives.
  • Not available for or windows 7.

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