NetSetMan 2018 Review For Windows MAC Full Version

NetSetMan2018 Review For Windows MAC Full Version is an advanced and software that is approachable that enables you to create and quickly switch through six various profiles with network settings.The NetSet comes both with an installer and portable edition, so you can select the option that is preferred. The difference that is key that the compact package can be extracted up to a removable storage space unit to run the app on any computer you discover, with no installation needed.As soon as launched, the tool creates an icon within the taskbar notifications area and gets sent there when minimized, so it doesn’t interrupt your activity that is regular on the device.

NetSetMan 2018 Review For Windows MAC Full Version


NetSetMan 2018 Review For Windows MAC Full Version

NetSetMan 2018 Review For Windows MAC Full Version

The customizable parameters pertain to the network adapter, internet protocol address and gateway, path table, DND server and suffix, WINS server, cordless network connection, printer, computer name, workgroup, SMTP, network drives, hosts, scripts. Moreover, you can configure system settings, when it comes to the display mode wallpaper desktop color screensaver design scheme and sound volume (speakers, microphone, rational scheme), Windows Firewall (exceptions, notifications), power plan, time zone, or MAC address.Any network profile can be restarted and disabled. You can edit their names when quickly selecting them through the systray symbol’s right-click menu, paste and copy settings, import and export profiles, configure advanced TCP/UP parameters if necessary as well as access some Windows features without leaving SetMan’s interface, e.g., Volume Control, Power Options, Mobility Center.We have experienced any stability issues in our tests, as a result of the very fact that the app did not hang, crash or error that is prompt.

NetSetMan 2018 Review For Windows MAC Full Version


  • IP addresses.
  • WiFi management.
  • Computer name.
  • Workgroup.
  • Default printer.
  • System drives.
  • NIC status.
  • Connections (RAS/DUN/PPP/VPN).
  • DNS suffix.
  • Route table.
  • SMTP server.
  • Hosts File Entries.
  • System settings.
  • MAC target.
  • Scripts (BAT, VS, JS).
  • NetSet removes the significance of manual configurations; you merely create different profiles to store your system configuration, then can switch among them in clicks which are few.
  • It allows you to apply a configuration that is significantly different for IP address Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, WiFi, Printer, and DNS servers.

NetSetMan 2018 Review For Windows MAC Full Version

Sure, you may not have to know by heart all the LAN (Local Area Connection) settings you must do for every single place you go. Happily, other people thought of them. For making your life easier, you can install and use NetSet? A software which can only help you handle your network connections, them every time you switch places so you’ll?T have to place.

You switch to some other location couldn’t be easier if you’re a traveling business guy or merely enjoy visiting places and wish to stay static inexperience of the web world, you will be amazed to see that changing your IPs each time.

More About:

NetSetMan is the utility that is useful lets you quickly switch between pre-configured network settings.This is great if you travel often and connect to sites which can be various. You can capture, alter and use community settings, according to which network setup you are linked to.Suppose you have to go to this meeting twice a month.

There you connect to the internet at the business’s office, but you’ll additionally use the phone that is mobile before achieving the location.


  • Makes working together with multiple connections leisurely.
  • Configurations are set up in ticks that are few.


  • Interface not very intuitive.
  • Can’t configure Firewall or SMTP settings.

NetSetMan 2018 Review For Windows MAC Full Version is here.

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