Clevx Drivesecurity 2018 Review Free Download For Windows

Clevx Drivesecurity 2018 Review Free Download For Windows USB Disk Security is an option that is good particularly when you often connect products off their users to your computer or if a number of them make utilization of the device that is exactly same. Its other features make an edge that is good well, and the scheduled system is free to download and make use.

Clevx Drivesecurity 2018 Review Free Download For WindowsClevx Drivesecurity 2018 Review Free Download For WindowsClevx Drivesecurity 2018 Review Free Download For Windows

ClevX DriveSecurity 2018 full version is a USB antivirus utility, which stops spyware from dispersing with a drive that is portable. The application is made to run without any installation on a real number computer; ClevX DriveSecurity operates through the drive that is portable therefore eliminating malware present in the drive’s files. The utilizes being applying NOD32 antivirus engine that scans any noticeable changes which can be made to your drive’s content for viruses, malware, adware, trojans, rootkits, worms and other threats.USB flash drives are often leveraged by harmful elements to spread plus it is crucial, particularly for enterprises, to ensure that they’re properly protected against such threats.

ClevX DriveSecurity 2018 closes a vulnerability that is key your business and home office network’s malware defense with a secure USB drive.The application is suitable for all USB portable drives (Flash, HDD, SSD, etc.)Runs directly from the journey that is portable no host installation necessary. ClevX DriveSecurity will perhaps not conflict with any installed antivirus software because it operates independently.
Hide and lock the neighborhood, system, Floppy and USB drives along with disabling the AutoRun feature for specific drive types with this particular security utility that is password-protected. Fabulously created, this computer software that is pc the both of you an excellent functionality and simplicity in a very manner that is elegant. The display that is key of system teams the original settings by drives and demonstrates to you all drive that is feasible.

Clevx Drivesecurity 2018 Review Free Download For Windows


  • Works together any USB Drive and Memory Card
  • Award-Winning Protection
  • Automatic Scanning
  • URL scanner
  • Virus Removal

Clevx Drivesecurity 2018 Review Free Download For WindowsWithin the last couple of years, there’s been lots of incidents USB that is thumb that is involving. Perhaps the notorious Stuxnet is known to have been planted into a facility that is Iranian is nuclear such a unit.Which you do probably not desire the removable news to look and be easily obtainable in My Computer after it’s placed, just conceal and lock the majority of the drive letters you might not be useful in the event. The AutoRun feature could be disabled for particular drives or drive sorts. A password safety can be employed to this system to prevent your users from changing the safety settings you enforce.The perfect solution is to these dilemmas that are nagging represented by the ultra-secure DT4000 and DTVP, which may be individualized with ClevX DriveSecurity. Corporate end users can access the malware quickly protection given by ESET additionally the part that is many benefits is that there’s no need for management configuration.

The security system provides security that is enhanced Trojans, worms, rootkits, malware and viruses devoid of any impact on the area solution that is anti-virus.Besides offering protection against spyware, ClevX DriveSecurity also secures the data on DT4000 and DTVP USB drive in case they get lost or taken.The portable news is a source that is common to infection. Individuals often carry delicate files being personal their USB drives. Besides, they usually don’t realize that their journey can be contaminated whenever plugged as being a computer, then that disease are used in other products,” said Andrew Lee, CEO of ESET the united states. You might make use of the application to secure your USBs by adding password protection and access control if you lose your unit to be nobody that is specific access essential computer data. Additionally, some internet that is security that is nice in this program.


  • Cheapest per GB
  • Area
  • Simplicity of use link disconnect
  • Portability
  • Easy replacement
  • Speed


  • External Hard Drives Can Break Effortlessly
  • Overheating
  • No RAID

Clevx Drivesecurity 2018 Review, Free Download For Windows, is here

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