Avira Security Suite 2018 Review

There are plenty of free antivirus products around, but it is rare to discover an Avira Security Suite 2018 Review that is free. And certainly, the Avira that is new Free Suite doesn’t have all of the features most people expect in a security suite. Nevertheless, you are given by it all of the features of Avira’s antivirus, each of that product’s associated apps, and much more. Simply how much more is undefined, as any new, free Avira items will immediately show up in your free suite. It’s really a convenient way to install all of those free products, however, it’s not a security suite that is full-blown

Avira Security Suite 2018 Review

Avira Security Suite 2018 Review

When you install the Avira that is free Antivirus the installer cycles through slides extolling the virtues of several other Avira products: Phantom VPN, System Speedup, SafeSearch Plus, Scout Browser, and Browser Safety. The Avira Connect app serves as a launcher for the antivirus. You may also utilize it to install and manage the ancillary apps touted during the installation process

The installer immediately adds all those items with Avira Security Suite 2018 Review. When an installation is complete while the antivirus has run its initial “Luke Filewalker” scan, you’ve got an Avira that is entire military hand. Well, almost. You will need to actively accept the web browser extensions in Chrome and Firefox (Avira doesn’t help Explorer that is the internet). Avira Software Updater appears in Avira Connect, you must click to install it.

The suite includes a basic password manager, something that you don’t get with the antivirus that is free. I’ll cover that component at length after going within the features that are the same.

Shared Antivirus
All optional and important elements of Avira Security Suite 2018 Review at Avira are found in this suite. Please read my report on the antivirus for all the details. I’ll summarize what I learned in evaluating the antivirus here.

Avira Security Suite 2018 Review

Only three of the five separate antivirus testing labs it accords it top ratings that I follow and Avira in their lineup of products for testing, but those that do consist of. All four times in four tests by AV-Test Institute, Avira earned the top rating. It also passed two tests that are difficult London-based MRG-Effitas. In the test that is three-part AV-Test Institute, Avira scored 16.5 of 18 possible points. That’s decent, but Bitdefender, Kaspersky, and Trend Micro all earned a great 18 in the report that is latest.


results in my own tests that are hands-on mixed. Avira detected 97 percent of my samples, the same as Norton, Avast, and others. But blocking that is incomplete of malware dragged its overall score down seriously to 8.9 points. Speaking of dragging, its real-time security component’s response was unusually sluggish, and the full on-demand scan took longer than other product that is current. Webroot, PC Matic, and Comodo Antivirus 10 all scored a perfect 10 against the collection that is exact same of.

I also challenge antivirus items to avoid downloading of malware from recently active malware-hosting URLs, providing credit that is equal preventing access towards the URL or for quarantining the payload during download. Avira managed 95 percent protection in this test, in almost every case diverting the browser from the site that is dangerous. Symantec Norton AntiVirus Basic$19.99 at Norton tops this test, with 98 per cent security.

Avira Security Suite 2018 Review

Phishing websites don’t contain spyware, necessarily, however, their creators have malicious intent. The aim of these sites would be to fool you into entering your credentials for the website that is the secure mimic. Avira didn’t fare so well in my test that is anti-phishing a detection rate 27 percentage points behind Norton’s. In recent tests, only Webroot, Kaspersky, and Bitdefender Antivirus Free EditionFree at Bitdefender have scored better than Norton in this test, but a 27 point leg is not good.

Provided Bonus Features
As noted, many of the bonus features installed as part of this suite are available for installation with all the antivirus that is free. The Avira Connect tool serves to manage and launch these bonus tools in both cases. From Connect you’ll launch the online also dashboard, which lets you view all your devices and their installed Avira tools. From the dashboard, you can send links to install products which are extra your products.


Avira Security Suite 2018 Review is really a digital network that is private servers in 20 nations, the majority of them in North America and Europe. One click links you to the host that is nearest, or to the server of your preference. This version that is free limited to 1 device and 1GB per month of information. It seriously, you’ll need to upgrade to the Pro version, which costs $10 per month should you want to use.

Based on Chrome, Avira’s Scout browser has some improvements which are nifty in. These generally include actively trackers being blocking enforcing HTTPS connections whenever possible and finding better deals if you are shopping. The installed Avira Browser Safety component does its checking that is very own for.

Avira Security Suite 2018 Review

Avira Free Security Suite (2018) Tracker Blocking

Browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox offer tracker blocking and better shopping deals. I ended up being confused at first by the understood fact that the extension is known as Browser Safety in Firefox, and Safe Shopping in Chrome. My Avira contact explained that they’re considering a name that is complete from Browser Safety to Safe Shopping, but for now, the name change is just in Chrome.

Avira Free System Speedup scans your system to perform optimizations that are different. Full optimization plus some other features require an upgrade to your for-pay System Speedup Pro. This tune-up utility seemingly has changed a bit since my review of the antivirus that is free. At that time, it performed an optimization that is full but just when. Now, it appears, you can use a set that is limited of indefinitely. In any event, the company encourages you to choose the Avira that is full System, for $31.99.

Free Software Updater

Avira Security Suite 2018 Review hole in a certain popular application and the full time that merchant patches the opening, users of this application are vulnerable to exploit attack between the time Joe Hacker discovers. If you neglect to install the security patch once it’s available, you’re expanding that window of vulnerability. Avira’s Software Updater tool searches for missing safety patches.

The Avira that is for-pay Software Pro$31.99 at Avira Software basically does the benefit you. Once it completes a scan, you just simply click Update All and allow it to work. Some updates demand a reboot; the updater offers options being numerous handle that. In testing, it took a time that long gets all my apps and Windows components up to date, but it worked.

The free edition, provided with this particular suite, requires a great deal more attention that is hands-on. It starts by checking for updates simply the true way the paid edition does, though it omits Windows Updates and other Microsoft products. All button, exactly like the paid edition on completion, it displays Update buttons beside the outdated apps, as well as an Update. But clicking those just lets you know to buy the Pro edition. Actually having the scheduled programs updated is entirely your job. Whenever you’ve finished, the Software can be run by you Updater again to make sure you didn’t miss anything.

Avast’s product line has a feature that is similar even in Avast Free Antivirus 2017Free at AVAST Software. However, you don’t get automatic installation unless you spring for the Avast Premier that is the top-of-the-line suite.

Avira Security Suite 2018 Review

Observe How We Test Security Software

Simple Password Manager
For several months, Avira is threatening to release Avira Security Suite 2018 Review ProFree at Avira, but that item is not yet available. The Pro edition offers online access, password back-up, and syncing between devices, features not available in the edition that is free. But until the Pro edition is available, the edition that is freely given this suite includes all features.

To get started, you log in online and produce a master password. As of this real point, you can import from Dashlane, LastPass 4.0Free at LastPass, RoboForm, or several other competing products. Or you can just let the browser extensions in Chrome and Firefox start capturing credentials as you enter them. Note that to sign in to the browser expansion, you enter your Avira first account password and then your master password. We got hung up trying to enter my master password with regards to really wanted the account password.


Avira Free Security Suite (2017) Password Manager

Avira Security Suite 2018 Review captures your login credentials for quite simple, standard login pages. My testing suggests that it is stymied by any such thing uncommon. It mightn’t manage a login page with two password fields, and the login that is two-page by Gmail and Yahoo Mail sailed right past its login detection. It lists your alternatives and will be offering to automatically log you in when you return up to a site that has credentials saved. You are able to click the web browser expansion icon and select an item from a record, which takes you to definitely the website and logs you in.

If Avira detects that you’re creating a login that is brand new it gives to generate a secure password for you. By standard, it generates passwords that are 12-character but you can crank that up to 30 characters. All of its passwords use upper case and letters that are lower case and default to including figures and symbols. As far if you intend to use custom options like developing a 16-character password, you need to enter those options each time as I can inform.

From the password that is full page online, you can give your already-saved login a friendly name, but there’s no option to organize your passwords by folder, tag, or category. We suggest enabling the lock that is automated, which locks your password store after a certain amount of idle time. Your choices are 30 minutes, one hour, three hours, or 24 hours. I’d like to see more flexibility thereā€”I tend to set my password manager to auto-lock after five minutes.

That’s it for this password manager’s features. It doesn’t attempt to automatically fill web forms, nor does it support authentication that is two-factor. You may not find features that are advanced secure password sharing or password inheritance. On the part that is and yes it does keep your passwords backed up and synced among devices. But you’ll be better off utilizing a committed password supervisor.

Might as Well

Avira Security Suite 2018 Review side by side having an all-options installation of Avira Antivirus, you would hardly see any difference. The addition that is biggest in the suite is just a basic password manager. Avira also promises that any brand new, free features will get pushed away to the suite with no effort on your part. While it’s real-time and on-demand scans proved slow in testing, Avira Antivirus scored well in separate diagnostic tests plus in some of my tests which can be own. If you’re attracted by the posse of bonus features, you might as well install the suite, in the place of the antivirus that is free.

On the other side, if your aim is simply to get antivirus that is beneficial without investing any of your hard-earned cash, you should provide serious thought to selecting one of our Editors’ Choice free antivirus utilities, Avast Free Antivirus and AVG AntiVirus Free, instead.

Of program, considering the fact that it’s named Avira Security Suite 2018 Review, you could have expected it to provide a something close to a range that is full of suite features. It doesn’t; considered being a suite, it’s not impressive, beyond the known reality it’s free. If what you actually want is just a real, full-scale security suite, our Editors’ Choice items in that realm are Bitdefender Internet Security and Kaspersky Internet Security. They’re not free, but they’re well worth the cost.


Includes password manager, software updater, and many other Avira tools. Excellent scores from antivirus labs. The extremely good score in malicious URL test that is blocking. Free.


Many elements need payment for full functionality. Sluggish protection that is antivirus scanning. Real-time protection missed some malware that is executable.


Avira Free Security Suite, introduced this present year, packs a collection that is goodly of beyond antivirus, however, it doesn’t come near to the energy of the full-scale, paid security suite.

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